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Muscle Testing Course

The Muscle Testing Training Course was developed in response to the lack of online resources available for health practitioners who include Manual Muscle Testing in their practice.

Included in the course is:

More than 50 HD Videos, covering all major muscles.
Clinical notes for each muscle, including Postural Key, Adjustment, Associated Point, Nutrition, and other relevant information
Key notes on muscle associations, including Organ, Meridian, Nerve Root, Bennett, Chapman-Anterior and Chapman-Posterior

All available from any device with internet at any time (laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet, and even your phone)!

World Class Customer Service

We are dedicated to providing the absolute best customer service.

This means answering emails promptly, fixing problems when they occur and doing everything we can. to provide you with the best learning experience.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the site or suggestions for future training modules contact us and we will get right back to you.

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About the Creator

Dr. Shannon Weeks

Hi, Dr. Shannon Weeks here —

When I began studying Applied Kinesiology, I found it overwhelming to remember everything I was learning.

There was a constant flow of new information through the 100 Hour Course I was studying, and it was difficult to find any online training resources for AK.

Frustrated by the lack of study resources for Applied Kinesiologists, I knew that something had to change.

The first project I took on was to create a high quality Applied Kinesiology Manual. As I worked through my course I began to collect my notes and resources, and then teamed up with Dr Walters of The Source Wellness Center.

Together we created what Dr John Wittle DC, DABCN, CNS calls "most thorough and best organized Applied Kinesiology manual I have seen to date."

This was our Applied Kinesiology 100-Hour Course Study Notes Manual.

Expanding From Manuals To Video Reference And Courses

Following the successful release of the Applied Kinesiology 100-Hour Course Study Notes, I began expanding my body of reference material.

Teaming up with Dr. Robert Ciprian, we produced the first online Muscle Testing training and reference course - The Muscle Testing Training Course. With more than 50 videos and clinical information on all major muscles, Physicians around the world began signing up immediately.

Later, in 2016, Dr Ciprian and I teamed up once again to create The Extremities Course - the first course to focus on adjusting of the extremities.

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