How to Master the Fundamentals of Applied Kinesiology

The First and Only Digital Manual That Gives You Quick Access to The Most Common Techniques Used in Everyday Practice.

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Dr John Wittle DC, DABCN, CNS

"Dr. Weeks' manual is the most thorough and best organized Applied Kinesiology manual I have seen to date."

I came across Dr.Weeks' Applied Kinesiology Manual while assisting students with the 100 hour course.  I have been involved with Applied Kinesiology for over 20 years and have had many teachers.  Dr. Weeks' latest manual is the most thorough and best organized Applied Kinesiology manual I have seen to date.  A must buy for any student of AK or doctor who wants a quality, concise, review of Applied Kinesiology's main concepts.

Dr John Wittle DC, DABCN, CNS, ICAK International Chairman 2008

The AK Manual You Always Wanted

You can save hours of study time with the only manual specifically written for students of the AK 100 hour course. These notes have been compiled over more than 10 years of studying AK. Although there are many great references, they are not always convenient to access.

I remember spending hours just trying to organize my notes from session to session. It was frustrating trying to remember which session we learned a particular technique and then spending time looking through all of my notes, and hoping I wrote all the relative information down.

After nearly 10 years of study, doctor Walters and I have put together a concise, alphabetical approach to the notes. This is the reference that will allow you to quickly access the information you need.

AK 100 Course Notes

What You Will Learn In This Manual

  • Concise and Detailed

    Quickly access the info you need. All topics are arranged alphabetically in an easily searchable PDF. No more sifting through your notes to find the topics you are looking for.

  • Special Bonuses

    Answers to test questions, printable organizational charts, detailed images of Neurovascular and Neurolymphatic points for easy reference.

  • Save Time and Money

    All of the information from the 100 hour course already organized for you.

  • Easily review techniques

    How many of you have memorized all the great techniques AK has to offer? Let’s face it, we all need to look thing up sometimes and this book is the easiest and fastest way to do so.

Stark Ligon

"The 100 Hour Course Notes is a perfect desk reference for practice."

I have the synopsis and flowchart manual which are great, but not very practical to use on the fly during a patient visit. Now I can easily look up a technique without having to flip through those other references.

This manual will save me a ton of work. Thanks a lot for putting it together, its something that AK has been lacking for a long time. This a big win for AK practitioners."

Stark Ligon, 4th Year Chiropractic Student, Western States

Who Should Read This Manual

  • Students

    Taking notes is a full time job. Now you can have easy access to the notes and concentrate on learning rather than typing. Quickly access the info you need. All topics are arranged alphabetically in an easily searchable PDF.

  • Doctors

    We all need to look things up. Whether your a new doctor or have been practicing for years, having quick and easy access to the information you need is critical to your clinical success.

"If you are planning to get serious about AK, I highly recommend this book..."

I am a second year medical student and I took the 100 hour course in my first year. To say the least, I was overwhelmed. For this past year I have been trying to go through my AK notes, but sometimes I just don't remember the specifics of some techniques. I have been using Dr. Weeks' book as a reference and many of the techniques I had doubts about are easily resolved and I can practice them better.

If you are planning to get serious about AK, I highly recommend this book since it has a very practical way to address the abundant information that you will learn in the seminars, and it gives you a starting point to start applying the information easily.

- Santiago Navarez, 2nd Year AK Student

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat if I don't Like It?

    We want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase. If you don’t like the book for any reason at all simply send us an email for a full refund- and keep the book.

  • q-iconI already have the AK texts, why do I need this book?

    This is not a substitute for Dr. Leaf’s flowchart manual or the Synopsis. I recommend having all of those references for a deeper understanding of the techniques.

    However, if you’ve ever tried to quickly look something up in the flowchart manual, you’ll see why having these notes are a time saver.

  • q-iconCan I print the notes?

    Yes! I actually recommend going to a copy shop and have them make a booklet out of the notes. I find having both the electronic copy and physical copy very handy.

  • q-iconWhat's To Stop Me From Sharing This Book?

    Nothing, really. We just ask that you don’t. It’s taken an incredible amount of work to arrange this information, and all we ask is that you respect that work.

About the Authors

Dr. Weeks was introduced to Applied Kinesiology by Dr. Tim Francis, who successfully treated him for a chronic shoulder injury.  Frustrated with the lack of online training available to students of AK, he founded Muscle Testing Training, the only online source for AK related materials.

Dr. Walters was convinced to attend Dr. Francis' AK seminars by Dr. Weeks. He began being treated by an AK doc and all his chronic joint pains and other health issues resolved. Dr. Walters practices AK at The Source Wellness Center in Bozeman Montana.